Friday, March 3, 2017


Bonjour tout le monde!

I thought this week I would keep you all updated on the places I have traveled and will be traveling in the near future! So last week, as some of you may know, I went to visit Barcelona, Spain. It was so crazy to be in a country that was not France, yet they did not speak English. I did take one year of Spanish in high school, but because I have been so focused on French, I could not even remember simple terms like: hola, adios, gracias, or de nada. So I guess it is good that I didn’t study abroad in Spain! J  Seriously though, Barcelona is such a beautiful place with very nice people! I was even lucky enough to see my fellow UND study abroad friend Phoebe (read her blog to she’s amazing) which was very crazy because I have yet to meet someone from North Dakota that I do not know!

               Along with that amazing time in Barcelona, I came back to my school for mid-terms, and survived! The exams here were similar to ones back home, except for the fact that I was traveling the weekend before them instead of studying, but they went well. The next week for me in winter break! For the next 10 days, me and some of my friends are traveling to the United Kingdom! We are going to visit Scotland, Ireland, England, and I am beyond excited. I have become so costumed to listening to French in speaking in, that to go to a country that speaks English is unimaginable. Then while on this amazing voyage through the UK, I will come back home to find another UND student. Who will it be? I will keep you posted. 

P.S These pictures are from last weekend in Barcelona!

Á la semaine prochaine! 

Just a couple of tourists in Barcelona.

And here they are a gain!

This is before I realized that I could not sit up there.

I thought it was cool they had these in Spanish.

Saint Sagrada Familia.

Weird angle, but good view in the background!

Arc de Trimof

Arc de triumph again.

Pretty view

A picture of me sitting on the part that is legal.

Parc guell

Another picture from parc guell


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