Sunday, March 26, 2017

La Belle et la Bête

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week has been good, I mean, every morning just the same as the morning that we came to this provincial town in Aix. In case you did not get the song reference this week I decided to talk about how this movie, La Belle et la Bête or as you may know it by, Beauty in the Beast has some interesting relations and life-lesson it can teach you about France and the metaphor of beauty.

Firstly, the movie is set in France. Of course I have to write about it, and it's is Disney, so there is an extra peaked interest. In the first song, you hear some French words: Bonjour, Monsieur, pardon, brute, mais oui, and mademoiselle. Of course, my everyday life includes a couple of more French words, but still you can hear some of the French language that makes you understand you are in France. Also, right now, as most know, I am in Aix-en-Provence, and in the movie she is in a "provincial" town.

The next is Belle. As you could already know the world Belle means beauty in French, which is super awesome. So as you can see when you translate beauty in France it comes up la belle, which is the name of "beauty" in the movie. So Belle literally is the representation of beauty, or at least what beauty holds. Although many of us can argue that the actress who plays Belle, Emma Watson, is beautiful, in the movie she is not supposed to be, or at least the townsfolk do not think she is, "her name means "beauty" her looks have got no parallel." However, she also is considered beauty to others, like other townsfolk, Gaston, and la bête.

Therefore, not only is La Belle et la Bête basically a representation of some French things, not close to being all of them, but it also has a good life lesson. Beauty, especially in the terms of interior does not always have to be matching the exterior. It also tries to add, or maybe I just interpreted it this way, if we work on making our selves more beautiful on the inside (kind, loyal, courageous) just like the beast did somehow, we look more beautiful to those around us. I thought it was a fun thought about Beauty and the Beast!

P.S Attached are my pictures from last week when we took an excursion to Paris for my religion class!

Á la semaine prochaine!

Art from the Louvre.

More art. 

More art. 

St. Dennis Church.

closer look. 

Another angel. 

Beautiful stained glass windows.

Sainte Chapelle. 

Notre Dame.

Closer look 

Arc de Triumph. 

Eiffel Tour. 

Had to get a crepe. 

My friend from UND. 

A neat video of the Eiffel Tower lighting up 

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