Friday, March 31, 2017


Bonjour tout le monde!

               This week is finally the spring time for Aix! Although the time changed a couple weeks ago for the states, last Sunday we had our time change. Along with the time change it finally felt like the spring season has begun! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and finally the colors are coming out. As the winter season, which did not include snow, ends, it is reminding me of the extreme differences from the weather here compared to North Dakota.

               I remember when I was younger, and when the temperature would get about sixty degrees, it usually was a clear sign that we had about two weeks left of school. Although I did not go to school near Grand Forks, I am sure that the states and places which are near to us in regards to temperature can relate. It is very strange for me here that I still have a little over a month, and it feels like the last day of school.

               With the weather like this, it really makes me more dedicated to spending all the time I can outside and making adventures wherever I can find them. In regards to my time coming to an end in Aix, it makes every walk and day cherished. For instance, today, me and my friends walked around the flower market, food market, and clothes market. The accessibility and beauty that is present in our everyday lives is going to be one of the things I miss most; but, I can’t think about that now!

               The pictures attached are from last week. I am currently in Wine 101: an overview to wine, and in the class we had an excursion to the wineries around Aix. It was super fun to see the wineries and the differences that they each had with each other! I could go on about the AC’s they have to abide by as well as the tannins, acidity, and quality of each wine, but I can sum it up and just say they were all amazing!

Á la semaine prochine!

Wines at the first winery. 

Artsy picture of the wine. 

Our tourguide. 

The vines at the second winery. 

More pictures of the vines.

This picture is not from the Camp de Milles. I may include more of this story in my next blog! 

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