Sunday, April 23, 2017

Suède et Danemark

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week I was planning on taking a different topic for my weekly post, but considering that I was able to do some really cool things this past week, I thought that instead I would share! This past weekend me and my friend Pheobe were able to go to Gothenburg, Sweden to spend time with a Swedish family. It was an incredible experience to have meals, spend time, and learn from such a kind and helpful family!

Firstly when we got there, I did not know who we were meeting because it was my friend's friend. She showed us around her town all day and that evening she allowed us to have an Easter supper with her family. For me, not only did they allow us to spend time in their home, but during the meal they made a huge effort to make us feel welcome and included. While there we played games, went on a treasure hunt, celebrated Easter, and, of course, ate Swedish meatballs.

While there, it did not feel like we were two outsiders of the family, but just apart of the family. I know it sounds clichque, but they all made an effort to speak in English, the games they played included things about America, and they all asked us questions and made us feel extremely welcome. On top of that, that night, our friend's mom suggested that we went to Denmark for a spontaneous trip! It was like a three hour drive and then we spent the day in Copenhagen! It was the most incredible spontaneous trip I have ever taken. We were able to take a road trip and listen to road trip music. Not only did I fall in love with Copenhagen, I was just extremely happy that these people we met were so kind!

I suppose my purpose of this blog is to point out how nice and kind people can be and never lose hope in that. I think the importance of people in our life and our world is often forgotten. People make a person, people make a place, and people make the world.The importance of people and how we treat each other is much more then just effecting one person. Because of how lovely and kind these people were, my views of not only them, but about an entire place also become more better just because of how awesome they were.

Á la semaine prochine!

The little mermaid statue in Denmark.

A beautiful windmill in Copenhagen.

My spontaneous travel buddies for the weekend.

Nyhavn street.

A smaller version of the lock bridge.

Some sweets in the street.

Haga street in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Just some of the architecture.

The most beautiful cinnamon roll ever.

My adopted family for Easter dinner!

Just the Sweden flag and some flowers.

The Easter egg that they got for me!

My favorite picture from Sweden.

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