Friday, April 14, 2017

Des Frites, de la Bière, du Chocolat, et des Gaufres

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week has been very busy and fun! I started off the week with an excursion for my International Relations class to Belgium, Brussels. While there, we were able to explore this spectacular town as well as learn about useful things about the European Union.  Our first place we visited was at the German Marshall Fund. We were able to talk to three women who work there and have really impressive jobs and talked about their job detilas. Our second visit was to the European Commission and visit with people about how the European Union handles economics and migration. I absolutely loved learning, from an objective standpoint, the problem of illegal immigration and what they are doing to handle it. The last place we visited was United States Mission to the EU. This building had many US institutions in the building so they can create this stronger bond with the US and the EU. It was a huge honor to be able to see all of these places through a class!
Because I also enjoy giving my personal thoughts on the cities I visit, I decided to give my take on Brussels: easily said, I loved it. I should also say that it also depends on personal preference, but in my own opinion it was amazing. There are certain things that make me prefer a town, and that is summed up as accessibility, culture, and architecture.

On accessibility, if it is easy to move around without walking over ten miles, or taking the subway to go every place. It saves time, and makes for a lot less stress. The next part, culture, is not very hard to find in every European city, because they all have a different way of doing things, which make it a culture experience. It was unique coming here because the two common languages that were spoken, French and German; it make for a nice hybrid of many their cultures. It was a good place to continue speaking French, but it also didn't feel required to; which also added less stress to the situation. Also, as entitled as my post, it was great going somewhere that was known for its food. In particular, fries, waffles, chocolate, and beer; and all four live up to their high expectations. The last thing was the architecture. I will open with saying that I am in no way knowledgeable in this category, but being able to see these beautiful types of buildings, shops, and cathedrals are set up in a town, really give it an aesthetic detail.

 The last part about Brussels that I loved was how everyone was very kind and friendly. Even though we were only there for a short while, the impression it made on us is very sustainable! We returned Tuesday night from this trip. I had a full day of classes on Wednesday and half of a class on Thursday, and I flew out to Norway to visit my friend, Phoebe, who is from UND, blogs, and studying abroad in Norway! I will keep you updated on our adventures in Scandinavia! 

Á la semaine prochine! 

Just a pretty little house!

Japanese cuisine! 

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