Friday, February 10, 2017

Un jour typique

Bonjour tout le monde!

Other the past weeks, some of my friends and family have been asking me about what a typical day/week looks like, so I decided to give you a general idea on what an average week looks like for me. Although there are many variations, either through excursions, cultural activities, or just hanging out, this are the usually unchangeable things that I have going on. However, just writing about the things that happen does not compare to the people and views that I see. I also must point out that it is pretty crazy for me to think that I have only been here for four weeks. It is nice to have a routine, but also unimaginable that after four weeks, this place in the South of France is starting to feel like home!

Day 1 (Monday): Because most likely the past weekend I was traveling and got home late, or was doing homework late, I get up around ten because class does not start until twelve on Mondays. On my way to class, I grab a noisette at Paul and then go to class until three. After my class, I do homework either in a café, the basement of our school buildings, or my apartment. For supper, I have a baguette with an egg, and then go to volleyball practice at eight with some French students from another school.

Day 2 (Tuesday): Tuesdays start off with an eight-thirty class. Although the class is super early, I am almost getting used to getting up that early. A positive side of this, is that I am done with my classes super early and I have time to finish the classes that I did finish before the weekend. After grabbing a sandwich with some friends, I work out at the gym. I do have one another class on Tuesday, and that is my wine class, which is easy and fun.

Day 3 (Wednesday): This day is probably my least favorite day of the week. The main reason is because I have classes from nine until three, with only a two-hour break. Although I do enjoy most of the classes I have, it is just a lot of hours spent in a classroom. After my classes and homework, I may meet friends for supper, a volleyball game with other French students, or do another culture activity that my school or that CEA hosts!

Day 4 (Thursday): This day is probably the easiest day for me besides the weekend. I have one class, starting at eight-thirty, and afterwards I am free for the day. I may either workout, do homework, go to a café, or just relax. I also tend to go to the marchè to get some fruits, vegetables, and bread. On Thursday nights, we have a thing called “Café Hour” which is when CEA students meet up at this restaurant just to chat and meet people.

Day 5 (Friday): This day is most exciting. Because I am usually trying to get ready for my trip and finishing my classes, this day is most exciting and stressful. I get done with classes at twelve, so afterward I finish packing, last minute homework, and head to whatever bus station, train, or airport I need to begin my travels.

Day 6 and 7 (Saturday and Sunday): Most likely you can guarantee that on a weekend, my friends and I will be going somewhere. So far we have been to Cassis, Lyon, Paris, and the Alps! Because the amount of variation between weekends and places, I will just stay that in changes by place, time, and people.

This is just a general idea of the things that I do. This area is always full of surprises through the new places and things that I learn about each day. I am posting this early because this weekend I will be in Paris and will not get back until late on Sunday. Bon week-end!

À la semaine prochaine!

This is at my favorite Boulangerie in Aix.

This is the view from my apartment.

Cour Mirabeau.

Just the view I have on my walk to school.

4 Dauphins fountains

This is one of the buildings that I have classes in.

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