Thursday, May 4, 2017

Le Conseil

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week I have decided to offer some advice as well give some updates on my adventures for the next two months. I hope that my blog has offered you a look into my life, the thoughts I have had, as well as hopefully an honest opinion about things that may happen while studying abroad. Although study abroad is different for everyone, I think that there is a possibility for everyone to get something or many things out of it.

If you are considering studying abroad, my first response will be: DO IT. Of course, if you are asking someone who has studying abroad, you should be prepared to get a biased opinion. I honestly could not tell you how much I have changed over these last four months, and most of these changes will be seen by my friends, families, and peers when I return. However, not all change is bad. Being able to be given a different and expanded outlook and perspective that I could not achieve in the United States has made me grown for the better. I look at things and understand things differently; and new perspective are always something that I welcome.

For a family or friend who has someone studying abroad, encourage them to make whatever decision best fits them. Sometimes, I feel as if it is easy to want other what we want them, and for most of the time this is usually a good thing. However, for studying abroad; making sure the student can make the decision for themselves, helps them can truly decide what they want to do, because studying abroad is not something to be taken lightly; and making the decision is the first step.

My last advice is people have often asked me how I did it, or that they could have never done it. I want to point out that fear can give us strength. I still remember how nervous I was getting on the first plane, and waiting for nineteen hours to land and arrive in France, but take it one step at a time. I believe just taking it one step at a time, and completely analyzing and asking yourself if you are sure you want to do study abroad; that will make you able to take the leap from a possibility to a reality. I didn't buy my ticket, apply, pack, get my visa, and everything else all in one week. I slowly did each, until, before I realized, I was already packed and on the plane.

I hope this advice helps you! Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity and experience, that allows for growth and expansion; and I am so grateful for the opportunity to change, learn, and grow. I also thought as a side excerpt, I would comment on my plans this summer. Until the beginning of July, I will be traveling across Europe. Starting in Paris, to Porto, to Geneva, to Athens, to Aix (again), to Tunisia (possibly.) After that I will be taking a sixteen-day trip from Rome, to Venice, to Vienna, to Budapest, to Krakow, to Prague, to Berlin, to Amsterdam, to London. After that I am meeting a friend in Copenhagen, then I will meet another friend in Dusseldorf, and finally head back to Aix and fly home! 

P.S These photos are from last weekend in Croatia and Slovenia. It was amazing and beautiful!!

Á la semaine prochine!

The castle in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

My weekend adventure.

Beautiful boardwalk in Ljubljana.

I loved trying to snap pictures of the guy blowing bubbles.

Slovenia's version of the Lock Bridge.

The boardwalk again.

And again.

And again: I'm pretty sure we ate all of our meals here.

Here also.

Morning tea on the boardwalk.

"Life's a climb, but the view was great."

Another view from out climb.

The view obscured with our shoes. 

I loved how the light hit the trees.

The sunset on the boardwalk was beautiful. 

Cathedral in Zagreb, Croatia.

The buildings in Croatia.

Beautiful panoramic view.

Different view.

Me looking at the view through bars

Me on the boardwalk in Slovenia.

Me with the Alps behind me in Slovenia.

Me trying to be artsy with my ice-cream in Croatia. 

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